I am pleased to be leading a Gymnastics Club at St Joseph's School Oamaru on a Friday from 3-3:45

I am pleased to be leading a Gymnastics Club at St Joseph's School Oamaru on a Friday from 3-3:45

Thursday, 8 May 2014

I have been very inspired by a teacher who taught me 11 years ago for Gymnastics! She was my PE teacher at my school in England. I was involved in a Gymnastics club in Year 6, 7 and 8 where we performed  a huge show called 'The Gym and Dance Display'.  This was just floor work and using chairs and broom poles! I have got back in touch with my teacher- Mrs Jo Dix-Pincott and would love to create my own show at the Primary school I am now working at in Oamaru, New Zealand.

I continued doing Gymnastics when I moved to Christchurch, New Zealand for Year 9 at a Gymnastics club called 'Total Gymnastics'. I then moved to Oamaru and joined the Pathfinder's Gymnastic club in Year 10 and 11. Then I retired from Gymnastics ( after breaking my ankle!) and began coaching at Pathfinders club in Year 12 and 13. After finishing a 3 year degree in primary teaching and into my second year of teaching I am now keen to start coaching Gymnastics again!

Last year I started up a Gymnastics club at the school I am working at -St Joseph's School Oamaru . I began lunch time sessions for the juniors and the kids loved it! I have introduced them to using the floor, beam and trampoline.  I had a small group from my club of 12 students perform a short routine we created at the 'Big Night out' Parish evening. I have continued this year and had Year 6 students helping. There have been about 30 students attending. Last term I sent out letters to see if children would be keen to come after school on a Friday to allow me to have more time as lunchtimes are rushed to get back to the classroom!

The club has now become an official sports club and I coached my first after school session today. I have 2 eager parents on board which is fantastic and a Year 7 student-Tess who has been a competitive Gymnast. Today the Junior session ran from 3-3:45 and I had 15 students attend from Year 0-3. Next week I will look at having the Seniors Year 4-8 join too. My goal is to have teams from each Year level to compete at the Inter-school's competition later in the year! St Joseph's haven't had a team for a few years!

Here are a couple of photos of where my Gymnastics all began! England- Goldington Middle School, Bedford.

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