I am pleased to be leading a Gymnastics Club at St Joseph's School Oamaru on a Friday from 3-3:45

I am pleased to be leading a Gymnastics Club at St Joseph's School Oamaru on a Friday from 3-3:45

Monday, 22 December 2014

Friday 5th December end of year Gymnastics performance

On Friday 5th December we had our end of year Gymnastics performance. We had a dress rehearsal for the school. We then did a performance after school for families. The students had been learning a few routines over the last few weeks. I was so proud of them! I was very lucky and was presented with a beautiful bouquet of flowers from the parents that have been helping and the students. Polly did a lovely speech. I will miss you all so much! I look forward to hearing how the club goes next year.

Order of performances:

Warm up song-everyone-'stretching song-have fun teaching music'

1.    Whole group routine- Lion King-Circle of life

2.    Group- ‘Grease- We go together’- Solo- Kristiana Whiston- - (Duet-) Cassidy Rawson & Molly-May Mestrom (Solo-)Grace Keno (Trio-) Atlanta Williams, Bella Moriaty and Eden Davison.

3.    Duet- Tess McAtamney & Polly Harper- ‘Taylor Swift- Shake it off’

4.    Whole group routine- Vault- ‘Pharrell William-Happy’

We have had a fantastic year of Gymnastics. We have had 50 students in total. We began the year learning floor, beam and vault skills. We then progressed to bar skills in the playground. The students all learnt age group completion routines. We had 26 students compete in the Interschool competition earlier in the year.  This term we have had 38 students coming on a Friday to learn a group routine for our Gymnastics display.  I loved watching the students’ progress throughout the year and develop their skills and a love for Gymnastics.
A huge thank-you to Kelly, Adele and Suzie who have helped throughout the year coaching. We couldn’t have done it without your help. Thank-you to Anna and Dan Keno for supplying our amazing leotards. Thank-you to other parents who have stepped in along the way and helped and supported- Jayne, Anna B, Justine, Courtenay, Louise , Adrienne and Atiria. Thanks to the Year 6 boys who have helped to set up each week. Also thank-you to our senior students- Polly& Tess who have helped to coach and be fantastic role models in our club.

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